i-Zoom High Intensity Adjustable Beam Cree Flashlight

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i-Zoom High Intensity Adjustable Beam Cree Flashlight

You won't believe just how bright one flashlight can be! Using only 1 SUPER-bright Cree R3 Bulb, this high intensity flashlight also features an adjustable beam, allowing you to switch between flood focus and spot focus.

Cree R3 LEDs are the latest in extremely bright (120 Lumens) and efficient LEDs that have a lifespan of 110,000+ hours. This adjustable beam flashlight only takes 1 AA battery - and yes, it is included. To focus the beam, simply pull the end of the flashlight from the body of the unit.

That's not all - you can also switch between it's high-beam, low-beam, and strobe modes by clicking the glow in the dark button.

It's great for indoor, outdoor, and emergency use - it's completely waterproof, shock-proof, and impact-resistant. It is so bright, you can use it to incapacitate would-be attackers with the intense beam of light.

  • Adjustable Focus for Flood or Spotlight Functions
  • High-Beam, Low-Beam, and Strobe Modes
  • High-Intensity Cree R3 Bulb lasts 110,000+ Hours
  • 3 Watts, 120 Lumens
  • Can Be Seen From Over 200m Away
  • Waterproof, Shock-Proof, Impact Resistant
  • Glow In The Dark Button
  • Needs 1 AA Battery (Included)
Sold Out
$9.99 + $2.99 shipping
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